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On Monday I called Oakbrook Toyota to find out if a used Hylander Hybrid was still available that I had seen on Autotrader over the weekend was still available for purchase. Abe answered and told me that it was and would I be interested in seeing it. I decided to to see the car. When I arrived Abe was there with a huge smile and a friendly greeting. Before we went on the test drive he showed all the features and patiently answered my questions about how a hybrid works. I closely examined the car and found it to be in excellent condition. Next came the negotiating part. Having purchased many cars in my life I was fully prepared to walk out the door if I felt I was being pressured, or being lied to, or treated unfairly. I was pleasantly surprised when the negotiations went smoothly and believe it or not was a pleasant experience because of the respectful way I was treated by Abe. When we agreed upon the price then Abe asked if I was trading in a car. Usually a sales person will ask early if you're trading and one is never sure how much you're getting for the trade in while you're negotiating. I found this to be a much fairer way to deal. A fair price I felt was agreed upon. Yesterday I picked up the car. The car was actually for my daughter who lives in Southern Illinois who brought in her car to trade since who was unable to find a used Highlander there. Everything went smooth until we got home and found it was missing a cup holder divider and we couldn't get the rear middle seat belt to lock. I called Abe who apologized and asked if I didn't mind if he could stop at my house on his way home to put in a cup holder divider and look at the seat belt. He arrived on time and quickly put in the divider and explained the correct way to use the rear seat belts. The problem was not with the car, but my incorrect connection attempts. After a few minutes of talking about the car, the demise of the Cubs, and golf Abe was on his way. Lastly tonight I got a call from Abe. He knew my daughter was driving home with the car today. He wanted to know how the car was and if she had arrived safely. Abe is more than a salesman he;s a caring person. Anyone looking for a Toyota and want to to have a great experience with a sales person. Go to Oakbrook Toyota and ask for Abe. Be sure to ask him how is golf game is.


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Welcome to Oakbrook Toyota. We have the excellent Toyota vehicles that you have been looking for and we are keeping them ready for you right here in Westmont, IL. Of course, we do not just service Oakbrook, our customers come from miles around including the areas of Westmont, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, and many other communities in the Western Chicago area.

Our customers just keep coming back because of the relationships that they have built with our staff. We are not interested in just being another car dealership that you drive by, we want to be a part of your automotive lifestyle. When you need a new Toyota we will be here waiting with the car that is perfect for you. When you are looking for a used car we will be here with that too. We don’t even want to stop there, because we want to continuously provide you and your car with the parts and services that it requires. Our friendly staff will be there for you with every turning of the wheel. We are here for everything Toyota that you could ever ask for. Come by Oakbrook Toyota, and see just what we mean.