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February 25, 2012 South Elgin, Illinois Most people give either negative or positive reviews about car dealerships but 98% of the people will agree they hate the process of purchasing a new car. And everyone knows the reason why. There are always high pressure salesmen and then it comes down to the manager who makes dealing even more difficult. But this is NOT the case at Bob Rohrman Group, Oakbrook Toyota, in Westmont, Illinois. They have an expert staff of knowledgeable people who are extremely professional and treat each customer with respect and dignity. We especially want to commend Jeffrey “Norm” Zalisk for doing such a great job in setting an example for the other members of his team. Our salesman John Cheung was not only knowledgeable but so polite and respectful and wanted us to feel comfortable in making such an important decision in buying a new vehicle. The entire process was handled so smoothly; there was no bickering over the price and no running back and forth to managers for approval. We came to a mutual agreement on the price and they were so honest and gave us the exact fair market price on our trade-in. At no point did they re-nig or change their mind on anything and above all they were NOT PUSHY. We highly recommend this dealership to anyone who is looking for a good experience in purchasing their next new vehicle. Ask for John Cheung, Sales Associate, and make sure you talk to Jeffrey “Norm” Zalisk, Sales Manager and you won’t have to go to any other dealership because we are sure you will get the best deal. In rating the dealership we give them a 5++ (5 being the highest). Thank you John for giving us a good car buying experience; and Joe for your vast knowledge in explaining the vehicle operations.


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Your Toyota Dealer in Westmont, IL

Welcome to Oakbrook Toyota. We have the excellent Toyota vehicles that you have been looking for and we are keeping them ready for you right here in Westmont, IL. Of course, we do not just service Oakbrook, our customers come from miles around including the areas of Westmont, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Willowbrook, and many other communities in the Western Chicago area.

Our customers just keep coming back because of the relationships that they have built with our staff. We are not interested in just being another car dealership that you drive by, we want to be a part of your automotive lifestyle. When you need a new Toyota we will be here waiting with the car that is perfect for you. When you are looking for a used car we will be here with that too. We don’t even want to stop there, because we want to continuously provide you and your car with the parts and services that it requires. Our friendly staff will be there for you with every turning of the wheel. We are here for everything Toyota that you could ever ask for. Come by Oakbrook Toyota, and see just what we mean.