Oakbrook Toyota Lease Return Center

Are You At The End Of Your Lease?

Customers at Oakbrook Toyota who lease new Toyota cars drive the latest vehicles for just a few years - often with much lower payments than you get when you finance a vehicle. Customers who have shopped at other local Toyota dealerships might live near Oakbrook Toyota and also have wanted the same feeling of low prices and new vehicles, but leased through those locations instead of at Oakbrook Toyota. But, when the time comes that the lease has reached the end, what are your Toyota lease end options? You do not have to return the car to the dealership you leased from, Oakbrook Toyota can now be the lease return center for you!

Exchanging Your Vehicle

Many people choose to lease instead of finance their vehicle because the shorter terms give you the chance to drive a new car more often. When you come to the end of your Toyota lease term, regardless if it is 12/24/36/48 months, bring your leased car back to Oakbrook Toyota, talk to our leasing specialist Melanie Raygoza [melanie.raygoza@rohrmanauto.comand she will help you pick out a new Toyota to lease. Your price will stay close to the same and you will be in a Brand New Toyota! You will get the newest technology, the newest safety, and the newest model - and again, these are yours at great low Oakbrook Toyota prices! If, by chance, you want to keep your vehicle instead of trading up to a newer model, you also have the option to purchase the vehicle at reduced pre-owned rates! All of this is possible at Oakbrook Toyota!

Returning Your Vehicle

As noted, one of the best benefits of leasing is the commitment level is restricted by the number of months that you originally signed up for. At the end of a lease you can bring your vehicle to Oakbrook Toyota, regardless where you bought it, and we will take it from you with no hassle - you don't have to worry about the stress of selling your car!  Before bringing your vehicle to Oakbrook Toyota, at the Toyota lease end, contact Melanie Raygoza at 630-789-9600 or at [melanie.raygoza@rohrmanauto.comand she can walk you through a couple steps to make the process simple!

When you come in for your appointment with Melanie, she will walk you through the few things needed: wear/damage examination, contract fulfillment, odometer reading, collection of owner's manual/keys, and, of course, what new models would be great to choose! And again, you do not need to set up your next lease at the same location you originally leased from - Oakbrook Toyota has taken the steps to make sure that your next lease can be made here! We will handle the paperwork with Toyota, you just need to handle the keys to your new Toyota vehicle!

At Oakbrook Toyota, It Is That Easy!